Matching the highest standards while remaining authentic, Eugénie mixes with subtleness a strong craftsmanship with a “home made” comforting feeling.

A Pastry but not that…

The pastry Chef, Johan Triart, gets inspired by the seasons and the most iconic French pastries while bringing freshness and audacity to his creations; his motto: let’s revisit tradition.

Having simplicity and technicity applied to his work, Johan brings you lightly-sweetened pastries revealing all the true flavors of the ingredients.

Committed to collaborate with local farmers while using the best quality ingredients, he offers a pastry menu based on locally-sourced organic products. We also attach importance to create gluten-free pastries too.

Each furniture, mirror, crockery or armchair contributes to Eugénie’s unique ambience and identity. Everything was hand-picked to provide a feeling of serenity which infuses a real spirit to this place, a genuine trace in your mind, a guiding thread throughout your journey. And all of this subtle but noticeable attention contributes to create a memorable moment.

The pastry chef Johan Triart…

The Pastry Chef Johan Triart and his team are now working at Eugénie Tea room. Coming from the region Haut de France, he starts his learning and quickly won the title of department’s best apprentice. It’s with Arnaud Lallement, 3 Michelin starts’ Chef that he ends up his learning.

After years of hard and devoted work throughout France he gets settled in Provence where the Tea Room Eugénie offers him a space to express his creativity.

Tea house

Eugénie welcomes you for tea time into a delicate and relaxing atmosphere with a farandole of sweets and savory treats. The pastry is a reflection of the diversity of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, a heteroclite and international destination. That brand new concept in town is the best place to enjoy design, antique shops and place of life and culture. Take place in those beautiful Milanese inspired velvet chairs while enjoying a fresh baked pastry. This is what makes this tea room its particularity and the sound of this city. And is there a better way of creating a warm atmosphere than a book shop? It’s time to treat yourself with a special out of time moment.

Take a brake ?

“Tea time” can be enjoyed at any time of the day with different formulas, to satisfy every gourmet. A delicious and precious selection of the finest Dammann Frères teas, of rare and tasteful hot chocolates as well as Nespresso coffee and organic and local fruit juices can be enjoyed in the Tea room. Pastries come in different sizes to match with all your desires and events, from birthday party cake to mignardises. At lunch time do not miss the salty selection, because who said that eating quickly does not mean eating healthy and tasty ?

A team of passionates

To operate that beautiful experience of high end pastries and warm atmosphere you can trust our passionate and attentive staff with whom you can exchange and who will meet your expectations while responding to the standings of the big houses where they officiated before.

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